Resources for Families, Discipleship at Home

Discipleship starts in the home. FCC wants to partner with families in prayer, resources, and support.

Leading your child to Christ 

While there are many milestones children will reach throughout their life, the most significant will be the moment they decide to accept God’s gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ.  One of the greatest joys we have been entrusted with as the primary spiritual influencer in our homes is helping to lead our kids towards this life transforming decision. It's as easy as A-B-C!

Asking Jesus to forgive us of the bad things (sins) we do.

Believe Jesus died on the Cross and rose for the forgiveness of our sins.

Confess Jesus is Lord and this can be done through Baptism

Baptism is a personal decision you make to follow Jesus.  At FCC we baptize the same way Jesus himself was baptized, through full immersion. If your child would like to be baptized, we would love to help your family with those next steps.

What’s Next? If your child has decided to follow Jesus at home with you, we would love to know about it in order to send your child a note to congratulate them and share information on their next steps!