We support the follwing mission organizations through a portion of the general offerings of our congregation.


API - Asia Pacific International (Indonesia)


Back2Back Ministries

Founded in 1997, Back2Back is a non-profit organization dedicated to being a voice for orphans.  Back2Back is currently in six countries with nine different locations.  Focus is placed on the care of children using a five-point child development plan.  The goal is holistic care with a focus on the physical, educational, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of each and every child they serve.  


CRAM - Christ Reaching Asia Mission (C.Y. Kim)

CRAM was founded with the mission to reach people within the communist countries of Asia.  Their vision is to share the love of Jesus with the population by first meeting their physical needs.  This, in turn, allows missionaries to meet the people’s spiritual needs.  

CRAM is currently located in four countries.  Past and current endeavors include church planting, vocational training, medical facilities, daycares, leper colonies, and a bread factory.  


Victory Project - Dayton Ohio

Located in Dayton, Ohio, the Victory Project was established with a focus on mentoring young men by offering an alternative to the streets.  Victory Project’s goal is to break the pillars of poverty by teaching young men the 3 E’s:  Education, Entrepreneurship, and Enlightenment.  Victory Project currently serves 60 youth at time, but expansion plans are in place with the goal of serving up to 90 youth at one time.  

Mid-India Christian Mission - Vivek Lall

Mid-India Christian Mission (MICM) was founded in 1993.  MICM’s focus is two-fold:  To support and enable local disabled children who would otherwise be discarded, and to equip local evangelists with the tools needed to share Christ’s love with the people of India.  India faces limited economic resources and religious stigmas for people with disabilities.  Additionally, there are numerous safety concerns for anyone who attempts to evangelize.  Because of this, a website is not offered, locations are not disclosed, and FCC does not post sensitive information online regarding MICM.  

OMS - One Mission Society, David McClary

One Mission Society (OMS, David McClary) serves in the South Pacific.  Due to the volatility of the region, an exact location is not disclosed.  Founded in 1901, the organization was formed as Oriental Mission Society, with a goal of sharing the Gospel with everyone in Japan.  The vision of OMS is to empower local workers to evangelize their own people – the “sons and daughters” of their nation.  The OMS framework is to create disciples, multiply church plantings, reproduce leadership, and multiply mission movements.  



Kosovo - Bryan & Nashana Meese

World Gospel Mission in Prishtina, Kosovo exists to cultivate environments that equip and empower current and future leaders within the region.  The Christian church is young inside of Kosovo and this mission strives to offer encouragement and support for those individuals who are trying to build their lives in Christ.  Current ministries include support of a local K-12 school and orchestrating gatherings of other Christ-followers within the community. 

West Africa - Team Valor

Team Valor's mission is to establish a disciple-making movement inside each of the regions of West Africa by the end of 2025. As God has moved in their region, their work has now spilled over into three neighboring countries as well. Valor's goal is to reach the unreached people of this region through evangelism, discipleship, and training. Because this a predominantly Muslim region, anyone attempting to spread the Gospel faces danger. Due to this, exact location are not disclosed, and FCC does not post sensitive information regarding Team Valor online.

Team Expansion - Terry and Amy Ruff - Ghana, Africa

Care Portal

His Place Pittsburgh

3 Cords - Trussels