We are plannning a Mission Trip to Mazatlan. 

Application and Deposit due Sunday, February 12, 2023 to reserve a spot

When:  June 16-22, 2023

Where: Mazatlán, Mexico

Who can participate:  Families, Individuals, and Youth - 8 years+ (under 13 must be accompanied by a parent)

How many: Up to 12 people

Approximate Cost: $1600-1700 depending on flight costs  (deposit = $100)

Organization: Back2Back Ministries – www.back2back.org

Back2Back Ministries provides orphan care at sites around the globe. We have been developing a relationship with the Mazatlán site for several years through summer trips. We are so excited to visit again next summer. God clearly calls believers to provide for the needs of orphans and widows. Back2Back is answering the call to serve orphans by providing for the children’s physical, educational, spiritual, social, and emotional needs through trauma informed care and their 5-point child development plan. Many of the children living in children’s homes and orphanages are not true orphans but instead are from families that are unable to appropriately care for the children. Just as COVID has changed so many things for us, the same can be said of Back2Back in Mazatlán. While in the past, many of the services were provided in the orphanage setting, staff are now striving to help strengthen families in order to ensure safe and nurturing homes that the children can return to.

Many things will be different from past trips so all participants need to remain flexible with a servant’s heart that says we are there to support the ministry however Back2Back needs.  We will be housed together in a team house with dormitory style living. All meals are provided by the ministry – breakfast at the house (cereal, toast, fruit, juice, etc.), the team packs lunch for onsite and then more traditional style Mexican meal in the evening. The group will have devotions and worship daily in order to grow our own walk with Jesus and will help us process our experiences. We might be partnered with a group from another church for the week. During the day we will participating in work projects, most likely at Rancho de los Niños, a children’s home for special needs children.  

If you have questions, contact Rich Barnard by email at rwbarnard@me.com or calling 937-307-0418.