Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding the Selling of FCC's 14+ Acres of Land


Where is the church's land of 14+ acres located?

The property is located at the northwest corner of Fishburg Rd. and Bellefontaine Rd. directly across Fishburg Rd. from the existing church building.



Why has FCC leadership decided to sell the land instead of constructing a new building on it in the future?

Prayerful consideration was given to various factors in relation to the future development of this land:

  • The vast changes in our community and the culture in general from 2005, when FCC first purchased the land, has brought a decline in the land's financial value. Growth and expansion of Huber Heights is now focused on the northern edge of the community.
  • Constructing a new facility from the "ground up" on undeveloped land today is typically more costly than repurposing an existing building. This increased expense would necessitate building "in phases" – requiring the need to operate both the current building and the newly constructed building. FCC is committed to reaching and serving young families in our community. Expecting parents to separate their children on one side of the street while they are worshiping on the other side of the street is not in the best interest of serving families.
  • The existing building is a "purpose built" building, with most likely potential buyers being another church. A community is best served when churches are spread throughout the community versus congregating on the same corner.
  • A desire for greater exposure due to an increase in drive-by traffic.
  • Relocating to a different location allows FCC to step boldly into a new season of ministry and identity, extending our reach into additional communities.



What was the process that led FCC leadership in making this decision?

In December 2018, the elders began seeking God's direction for the future use of the 14 acres across the street.

In mid-2019, the elders assembled a Next Steps Team – consisting of 13 people from the church family, including several elders. The Next Steps Team was tasked with: seeking cost projections of constructing a new building on the land; consider cost projections of purchasing an existing building and repurposing it for FCC; determining the value and market potential of selling the property; and investigate the possibility of increasing FCC's ministry impact by relocating to a different area in the community.

Through this process lasting more than 9 months, the elders and Next Steps Team worked side by side through the findings and boldly prayed for God's direction and clarity.

In March 2020, the elders agreed God is directing FCC to sell the land and seek a different location for FCC's future campus.

What is the current value of the land?

Based on Realtor findings of comparable listings in the immediate area, the land has a value range of $12,000 - $20,000 per acre, for a total range of $168,000 - $280,000.



What was the cost of the land when it was originally purchased in 2005?

FCC purchased the land for $425,529.



Does FCC currently have a mortgage?

Yes. As of May 19, 2020, the balance of the mortgage is $397,825.06. The monthly payment is $3,173.85 at an interest rate of 5.75%. The payoff is scheduled for 5/1/2036.



Is there any interest from potential buyers for the 14+ acres?

Yes. While FCC has not yet listed the land for sale, 2 months after the decision was made to sell the land, FCC received an unsolicited offer of market value.



Who can I contact for more information?

The elders of FCC are available to answer any further questions you might have.

Rich Barnard     (937) 307-0418                                 Keith Colbert     (937) 931-3093

Alan Hyre          (937) 469-5410                                 Dave Rawlins    (937) 416-5424

Thad Sherck      (937) 681-2564                                 Jim Storms        (937) 623-1857

Rob Sweeney     (513) 675-7253




To hear Pastor Rob's message to the FCC family about this decision,

view his message, "Staying the Course" he shared on 5/31/20 at