FCC Worship Team - Band

We are always looking for musicians that enjoy using their gifts to lead worship!

Ministry Name: FCC Band

Role: Musician or Vocalist

Skills Required:

There is a minimum level of competence required to play in the band. Musicians/Vocalists must be able to learn songs individually using a variety of resources including chord sheets, Youtube videos, backing tracks and/or video tutorials. We often adjust the key signature of a song. While we work this out before Sunday services, musicians should be able to adjust their playing or singing accordingly.

Time Commitment: 

  • Sunday:
    • Musicians are scheduled on a rotation basis.  Usually, this means serving 1 or 2 weeks per month.  We arrive at FCC at 8:15AM to run through the set before services at 9:30AM and 11:00AM.
  • Thursday Practice:
    • If you are scheduled to play on a given Sunday, we will have practice on the Thursday before from 7PM to 8:30PM.
  • Other Events:
    • You may be asked to participate in other events such as a worship night or to cover an open position.  This is done on a voluntary basis.
  • Outside Time:
    • Any additional time you need to learn the songs and be ready for Sunday’s worship.

The First Step:

Contact Keith at kcolbert@fcchh.org to schedule a day to attend a Thursday night practice. We’ll send you the song list so you can be familiar with them prior to practice.